Anthem is a building practice with a design-led sensibility. Operating within the inner suburbs of Melbourne, our expertise in the construction and project management of high-end residential architecture delivers homes of uncompromising quality and exceptional character.


Whether collaborating with leading architects or engaging directly with like-minded end clients, our approach is uniform in its procedural and intellectual rigour. Examining first the overall context and concept, then the design intent and structural implication of each space, element and surface, we establish the means, methods and materials required to realise the project vision. To these insights, we apply a wisdom and exacting workmanship honed over four decades, the ingenuity and craft of a select cohort of engineers, trades and artisans, and an absolute commitment to delivering a detail perfect outcome.


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Knowledge is key. Before construction commences, we first build a comprehensive and exacting understanding of the task.



Our thinking is always evolving. We constantly seek better, more efficient ways to deliver the quality outcomes for which we’re renowned.



Big pictures comprise countless tiny details. Every one of them is important and we are relentless in their realisation.

Great architecture inspires us. The bolder its ambition, the greater our resolve to deliver an outcome that honours the design intent of every detail.


Victor Milat


9 Olive Street Hampton
Victoria 3188